HTC Vive Unboxing Video in 4K UHD

(A full transcription of this HTC Vive unboxing can be found below)

Hello everyone, it is now time to reveal my Vive to all of the internet. And no that’s not what I call my penis, that’s just the name of this device. As you’ve probably already astutely observed, the package was open when it arrived on my door step, so the only thing that I can deduce is that FedEx considered the virtual reality ginger a top competitor and tried to sabotage this entire unboxing video. Let’s get into this damn thing.

So as with most unboxings it starts off with a box, so let’s get into it. I’m sorry for the framing, the box is half the size of my desk. So hopefully it makes more sense as soon as we get the innards out. So within the box as is usually the case, we have yet another box and I’m going to try and as not awkwardly as possible get this thing out of here. That’s as good as I could do that. Let’s flip it around and look at the front of it. Bladow! It is the HTC Vive in all of its glory. Now to get the Styrofoam off and get the plastic off. Styrofoam one and two down.

The plastic is sealed on the top, you just snap it, woop. Ah ha. Now it’s actually a box and a really pretty one at that. So unlike Oculus going with the black on black on black, Vive has decided to go with black on aqua, aqua and black, aqua and grey on black. Fuck I don’t know, I’m not a color expert. But what I can tell you it’s still black which means my greasy ass fingerprints still show up all over the fucking thing. Hopefully like Fed Ex didn’t open it up and destroy it and/ or play with it. Ah okay, everything looks undisturbed, which is a good first step.

Here we have, we have our wands, insert dick joke here, actually a lot lighter than I expected them to be. I expected them to have a little bit more heft than that, but they’re actually pretty light which I guess I nice for all of us weaklings. I have the fucking map to Narnia, it looks like the instructions are really, really, thorough, and from what I’ve read on the internet, even though it can be a bit time consuming it’s really easy to set up. Here we have an exploded map, that shows in great detail all of the eight hundred things that I am apparently about to pull out of this box. Here are your two base stations, that are part of lighthouse chaperone system I believe unless I am a complete and total idiot, which is distinctly possible.

Underneath that, oh wow, we have layers. So if you take these foam inserts out, ah ha, I have one plug, another plug. Here I’ll take one out of plastic for you so you can see what they are. So there you have it, two plugs I assume for charging the controllers, and as I suspected, I unwrapped one for you, two micro USB chargers or cables as I should say, which obviously go with the two plugs that I just pulled out.

We have much heftier chargers, let’s get one of these open, so these with a lot more cord obviously are for your base stations. To plug your base stations in, so that they can be powered and communicate with your HTC system. Then you have this little pouch of bubble wrap, full of goodies apparently.

If I open this up I have a base station mounting guide, sounds like instructions for having sex in outer space, I’ve got some screws and some dry wall anchors and I have a couple of mounts for the base stations to mount them, I assume to my walls.

In addition to all of that I have whatever the fuck this is, a really long cord. I’m going to open it up. According to my cheat sheet/map to Narnia, this is apparently a sync cable, which I assume runs out to the base stations if you need to sync them, fuck if I know, I haven’t set this thing up yet. It’s as much of a mystery to me as it is to you, I should research things more before I shoot videos.

Finally that leaves us with I assume the headset, if this is not the head set I am going to be supremely disappointed. Yes, that is definitely a headset, and the big reveal, this is not as romantic as many other’s I’ve done. It just looks like someone tried to smother it inside of a grocery sack.

There it is. The HTC Vive, revealed in front of you for all the internet to enjoy. And I’ve seen this design online, of course the HTC Vive is everywhere, and it seems that every YouTube star has been given one, and I actually thought this design would be much less appealing in person, based what I had been seeing online and the pictures of it. But in person actually, it’s not as unattractive as I thought it was when I saw it in pictures. Not like that matters, you’re just putting a box on your face to experience virtual reality, but at the same time you want it to look as nice as possible I guess.

It’s got really, really good padding, right here on the inside. A little bit different than the Oculus Rift – the Oculus Rift has two layers of padding of different, of varying densities, this one appears to be just one type of padding. And of course on the inside you’ve got your Fresnel lenses, and of course they’re protected with a shield of plastic right now, I’m going to go ahead and show you that. And no longer protected, and this is where I drop them and scratch them permanently.

It looks like here, we’ve got a USB cable, you’ve got a HDMI cable and you’ve got what looks to be some sort of power cable, but I’m not 100% certain because again I am just totally lost when it comes to what the hell all of this is.

You can also see here the head support that will go around your head. Again comparing to the Oculus Rift CV1 which I’ve already received, much more flexile, much less rigid, especially with the part that goes around the back of your head, right around your occipital protuberance, that’s what the knob on the back of your head is called. This one is a lot more flexible back here, we’ll see how that is in comfort when I am in game play, but that’s it. That is your HTC Vive and that is the front facing camera.

And would you look at that a clue, okay so there is one little thing back here that I didn’t notice, pretty subtle and here we go, that’s where, that’s your- it’s labeled even. This is your link box.

So you can see your link box has a place for you to plug in the HDMI cord, the USB adaptor, as well as DC and that confused the hell out of me a second ago. You have this cable, which is yet another power cable, you’ve got this little sticky mount, which I assume, if my camera will actually focus on it, I assume is a, so that you can mount your link box onto your computer, or I guess onto a surface near your computer as well. Not sure I’ll be doing that personally, but if you want to here it is.

This is kind of interesting, I didn’t know this was in here, you have an alternative face cushion, let me open it up, I will save this pouch because I don’t think I’ll be using this too much, but as it is clearly labeled it is for hold on wait for the focus, it is for narrow face.

You’ve got your cleaning cloth, your lens cleaning cloth, right there, you have this cable which appears to be a male HDMI to male HDMI cable, not a 100% sure what that is for either but, I’ve been lost pretty much this whole unboxing. I don’t even know where I am right now.

You have this cable which is a male USB to male USB cable, hints would drive me to believe that these are all for connecting the link box to your computer, so this is what you will use, the HDMI and the USB will be used to connect your link box to your computer. I’ve solve the mystery, and now I only look like half an idiot on the interwebs.

And finally you have this tiny dope baggy, it is- these are your tiny ear buds. As HTC refers to them as your in-ear monitors or IEM’s, but really they’re just tiny ear buds for you to use with your head set. Of course you can use your own head phones as well if you like.

There are boxes within your boxes that you can all take out and just have one very turquoise box.

You have your HTC Vive, you have the power for your link box, you have the Link box itself, you have the power source for your base station, and a second power source for your base station, you have your mounting set up and instructions for your base station, you have your sync cable apparently that’s what this is, although I have no idea how it works but whatever, you have micro USB cables, one and two, you have USB wall chargers, actually USB wall adapters, one and two, you have your male to male HMDI cables for your link box, your power box, power link or whatever the fuck it’s called, and you have your male USB to male USB, those are both for your power link, link box, you have your lens cleaning cloth, you have narrow face, you have your sticky pad for your link box if you choose to vandalize your computer or desk that way, you have your two base stations and you have your HTC Vive wands that are much lighter than I thought they would be.

So that’s it. I guess I’m going to have to try this thing out in a little bit, and of course I’ll get an official review up as well, as soon as I can, as soon as I’ve experienced it enough. If you’ve enjoyed this video, this unboxing video- how many people put up 4K ultra HD unboxing videos, I mean come on!

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