Oculus Rift CV1 Unboxing Video in 4K UHD

(A full transcription of this Oculus Rift CV1 unboxing can be found below)

Sweet party people of the internet, today is a good day. Nay – today is the best day, because I have received a box.

Alright guys it’s now time for the millionth Oculus Rift CV1 unboxing video on the Internet, well I should really say that’s not really possible because Oculus has really only shipped seven of these, so there can’t really be million unboxing videos on YouTube that would be impossible.

As with any unboxing that’s worth a shit, this is a one-go thing, so I might fuck it all up and I apologize if I do. It seems like all my unboxing videos are going to be me profusely apologizing for what’s coming. And today is no exception.

I’m going to do the best I can and give you some good shots and give you an idea of what the experience is like whenever your Oculus Rift arrives at your doorstep, which apparently will be some time before 2019.

And when you open the cardboard box, you get yet another cardboard box, so far Oculus is really disrupting the unboxing experience. We have a cardboard insert, to make sure your Rift doesn’t break the fuck apart on the way to your house, so recycle that.

There it is, a plastic-wrapped Oculus Rift CV1. The future of all entertainment right here on my desk.

I guess I’ll show you what I’m doing since it’s an unboxing video. ‘Ta-da!’ I cut the red tape, no sending it back now.

Let me just clear this plastic off here. Okay let’s get this re-centered. I guess I’ll show you from the front instead of the back like an idiot. So you’ve got a beautiful box here, with a semi-gloss, almost a matte finish on the box, you’ve got a little nylon handle here at the top of the box, and this kind of, I guess, the cover for the carrying case.

Oh great, it’s more black stuff which shows off how clammy my hands are in these videos because I’m as nervous as fuck. So that’s great.

There you go in case you wanted a closer look of what the cover looks like on the front, and then on the back you’ve got, a showing of- I guess this be pretty good retail packaging when it comes out in retail store, but it’s just a teaser of what’s going on with the Oculus and what kind of experiences you can have with this wonderful device.

It’s kind of hard to open this upside-down – this is very clearly the back. I’ve got the serial number and a tag on the back, and then I’ve got the Oculus symbol on the front. I expect tiny leprechauns and pots of gold to shoot out of this thing.

Hey I didn’t open it upside down and I even got the top in frame for the most part, good god, that is just unboxing perfection, not to brag on myself.

I feel like Vanna White- Vanna White isn’t even on The Price is Right. I feel like one of the showgirls from The Price is Right, here you have- so okay, so here you have the little Oculus remote it is held in by another foam insert, it’s got a clip here up the top. If you’re watching this is high definition or 4K you can probably see it if you’re watching in full screen. But there’s a little clip up here, a little clip down here and a wrist strap, a little lanyard kind of thing.

Good god that was stuck in there, so there you have- it’s not going to focus on it, because my camera hates me and so does the rest of the world. But here you have your little Oculus remote, and as I said here you have your strap, you can even adjust it for your wrist size. So yes that’s it. That is the Oculus remote.

Underneath that you’ve got your Xbox One controller, pretty frickin’ standard you know, a standard Xbox One controller. Nothing really special about this, I was about to say this was feeling kind of light, it doesn’t have any batteries in it, of course that’s what these are for.

So right back here you’ve got this little compartment, you’ve got a few things. I’m going to lift this up so you can see it a little better. So right now I just took out the batteries- whoops and there goes the box, and there goes the whole fucking unboxing video. How unprofessional.

Okay, so you can kind of see back here you’ve got- this is so hard to do upside down, okay that little slot right there is where I just took out the batteries, there’s a little booklet there, there’s the receiver right here, for your Xbox controller- god almighty, focus! Okay, putting a pale hand behind it always helps.

So there’s your dongle, so your USB receiver for your Xbox controller and if you look in there a little bit closer- let me see if I can get you a good shot. You’ve got- a lot of people in the other unboxings are like ‘what the fuck is this thing’, this is to take off your headphones that are built into the Rift, if you want to use your own headphones and then you’ve got your little Oculus details, your little Oculus stickers, you’ve got your microfiber cleaning cloth just like you would get for cleaning any lenses.

I’m going to pull this out and set it to this side and give you a look at this booklet that lodged here like a mighty sword- Thor’s hammer that nobody can pick up.

So just a little booklet- good god. Hopefully it’s a flipbook, oh no it’s not, well that was disappointing, so a little Oculus book, a user guide. You’re going to have to pull out your microscope to read this thing, so I’ll set that to the side. A user -sorry – set up guide for your Xbox one, you’ve got something in Spanish, I guess that there’s an English version in here somewhere, yes so I’ve got my English version here, I don’t really want to show that on camera ‘cause I think that’s a serial number, although I think I already did so I’m an idiot, and yes Xbox One manuals and all that- blah, blah, blah.

You’ve got your silicone packets, incase you want to end up in the hospital, you just open one of these and take a good shot and you’ll never be able to experience a Rift, as it will kill you, as it clearly says- it’s probably not focusing on that, never mind this whole thing’s fucked anyway.

So here you’ve got a little USB extender, I guess for the dongle in case you want to put it on- connect to the back of your computer and put it on top so you can get better reception. And then- so that’s all that, I’ll take these out of here too, so that’s that complete section, that’s a complete compartment right there.

And we’re back to the sensor, so we’ll take this out of here and everything in here is fastened down really well by buckle, it’s held really, really well for shipping. So there you have this Oculus Rift sensor, it’s got a couple of pieces of protector plastic on each end, you know you’ve got a nice long USB cable, not too long but long enough for a sensor obviously, and that’s that, as simple as that.

It’s all banded with a piece of plastic at the bottom, so that is your Rift sensor. All that’s left is the gorgeous Oculus Rift headset, I guess that’s pretty subjective, I think it’s really beautiful. I mean it’s a really, really good looking piece of equipment.

I guess I’ll pop these cords out of here first. So you’ve got your cords wrapped around underneath the top strap of the headset, you’ve got here you- this kind of all pops out, it’s all connected together. There are plastics bands that are holding the cords to the headset, you can see here, so trying to pull the cord out form underneath the headset isn’t going to happen ‘cause it’s very intentionally attached. I believe this is your IPD, sorry excuse me, your IPD adjustment for your inter-pupillary distance. And wow that is a piece of technology right here. I’ll show you the inside in a second, but I’ll try and get close, I don’t have a macro lens or anything but you can see the fabric, the texture of it. It’s just really, really sleek. I know people are concerned about it getting dirty. Also there was video posted online about cleaning it with the microfiber, excuse me the lint free cloth that was included in here, or that’s included with any pair of glasses or you can buy them cheap on line. That plus a little bit of water will clean pretty much anything off of your fabric if you get it dirty.

Okay, side view, you’ve got you know the side of your head strap and your built in headphones and a little bit of a swivel in case your ears are just a little bit off, or not where everyone else’s ears are. I guess ‘cause genetically that can happen.

So let me get this out here, and peel this plastic tab off so I can free these wires, there is also one attached up here, that might require pocket knifing. Oh no there’s a tab, damn. I’m going to murder some shit. Okay, and man this is just attached all over the place. There we go, so plastic tabs off, a very white arm in the way. And then you’ve got more, you’ve got plastic tabs galore on this thing. Good god, so they really wanted to make sure that these wires stay together.

The thing that I really want to show is, if you look at this thing from the back it’s just an impressive looking thing- I’ll change the angle here in a minute, but of course you’ve got the head strap right there, or the back of the head strap. So I’m going to try and peel this up a little bit so you can see that- there’s just something so futuristic, and incredible looking about the inside of the headset. It’s just awesome. So you’ve got your Fresnel lenses in there, they appear to have protection on them as well, I guess like any kind of lens or something to make sure they’re not scratched in shipping.

And that is your Oculus Rift CV1, it’s really, really stunning. It’s feels really good, really light in your hands. I think if they said the cord was twelve or fifteen feet, but especially if you’re only having seated or standing experiences, there’s no way you won’t have enough cord on here, on the end of the cord you’ve got your USB.

So you’ve got your USB for your headphones and your HDMI, with plastic protective caps on them and of course also on the sensor it’s the same thing, you’ve got your USB port right there with a plastic protective cap on. And of course with the same with the Xbox controller dongle, that you get to connect. So that is the Oculus Rift CV1.

So you’ve got the actual head mounted display itself, you’ve got the USB extender. Where do I set all of this shit? You’ve got the Xbox dongle. You’ve got your two Oculus stickers, I’ll stick these over here too. You’ve got your lint free cloth, which has- I’ll take it out of the plastic so you can see; it’s got a little Oculus symbol if you can see there. A little Oculus logo, so you never use it on your glasses, you can keep it Oculus specific. You’ve got a fucking mound of paperwork from Microsoft, you know several different pamphlets for different languages. I’m just going to throw these off to the side, ‘cause who cares about that crap. You’ve got your Xbox One controller, I’ll put that off to the side so you can see it, you’ve got your batteries   for the Xbox One controller, you’ve got your Oculus user guide, you’ve got your Oculus remote, I’ll try and put that in a place that you can see it, yes sure it’s all the way back there, but who cares, and then of course you’ve got your Oculus sensor, which when I sit it in front of my crotch looks kind of phallic. And then you’ve also got the tool for removing the headphones, the built in headphones if you chose to do so and you want to use your own headphones.

So there it is people, beautiful presentation, I hope you could see, based on the unboxing, absolutely beautiful all around. Really, really great user experience, even doing it upside down, everything is built really solid and really beautiful and of course now I have that as a carrying case for when I move my Oculus around to a friends house, volunteer at a hospital or senior center, give some people a cool experiences.

So that’s it, I hope you found it helpful. If you felt this was a good unboxing video and you enjoyed the quality, and you enjoyed the humor and you enjoyed the detail, give me a thumbs-up below. That really helps me raise in the YouTube algorithms, and it’s a great way to say thank.

And also if you want to see future videos, be notified when I release new stuff, like the unboxing, I’ll be doing a HTC Vibe unboxing and in a few days I’ll be doing really, really extensive Oculus Rift review in 4K ultra high D, that I think would be really cool for a lot of you if you’re interested. Please subscribe to my channel, the Virtual Reality Ginger and I promise to put out content that doesn’t suck and bore you to death.

I hope those of you who are watching and have it on preorder, and you’re waiting and waiting and not getting any good news, I really hope you get it soon, genuinely from one Rift customer to another, this wait has sucked, fortunately I was more towards the front end, but hang in there guys. Thank you guys again, take care and I’ll see you in another video soon.

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