Which Oculus Ready PC is the Best? An Angry Comparison

I’m going to keep this one really, really simple today. If you want extra details, they’re all very clearly outlined in the video below:

Oculus Ready PCs Side-by-Side

I took the table off of Amazon and rearranged it so that it’s easier to do a cross-brand comparison, and I also added the specs for the Alienware Area 51 so that you can see its value proposition compared to its counterparts.

From right to left, these are sorted by ascending price so that you can see their core components in relation to their price side-by-side.

Oculus Ready PCs, a side-by-side comparison

This graphic might as well be:

Dell's Alienware Area 51 ripoff

Because the Alienware Area 51 PC is just a big “fuck you” to everyone that doesn’t know how to read computer specs. You shouldn’t become a victim of capitalism just because you aren’t technical enough to understand the Alienware Area 51 is almost the exact same computer as the ASUS G20CB-WS71.

But hopefully, with the help of the graphics and video above, everyone can see that all Oculus Ready computers are not created equal. Yes, you’ll likely get a better value if you build your own computer. But if you don’t want to build your own computer for the amount of time it will take or any other reason, and you’re looking to buy an Oculus Ready PC, for the love of God – don’t buy an Alienware.

They’re running the exact same core components of their Asus counterparts, except they’re charging more for… nobody knows why.

Consider this a public service announcement: Don’t get fucked by Alienware.

Questions or Comments?

If you have ANY questions about how these computers stack up, and you didn’t find the answer you needed in the video above, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. I want to help any way that I possibly can, and I’m not always this angry (I’m angry at Dell – not at you!).

If there are obvious reasons as to why I’m wrong, please for the LOVE OF GOD leave it in the comments so that I’ll stop running my mouth about this issue. I’ll happily lift my foot, insert it into my mouth, and shut the hell up about this if there’s a really good reason that Dell is charging so much more for functionally identical computers.


  1. Hey Ian! Discovered your site off Reddit. For me, I decided to go with the base Alienware even though it was $100 more just because of my particular setup. I have a custom furniture media center that it would fit in better than the base Asus would. Yes I cringed paying $100 more but I wanted it to integrate nicely in my space…

    Saw you might do a marathon of the oculus launch! Would love that! No clue which games I’ll be getting 🙂

    • Hey Chad! Thanks so much for chiming in. I had this conversation with a few Redditors and YouTubers after posting the video. That consolized form factor is definitely worth the extra $100 if it’s important to you, as the baseline ASUS is pretty big.

      It was actually something that I was looking for when ordering my ROG G20CB-WS71, so I should have known to keep my eye out for that! I guess I was too blinded by ginger rage at the time, haha. But thank you very much for letting me know that’s why you purchased that particular model, and I think it makes perfect sense!

      I hope you’re in the early batch of Rifters getting their order soon, and that you’ll be enjoying your Alienware and VR experience in the not-too-distant future 🙂

      • I preordered a bundle cpu+rift around 2/25 but cancelled it a day after with buyers remorse lol and then just re-preordered it on 3/24 (Best Buy). Now realizing I should’ve just kept the preorder- doh. Hopefully they have a guaranteed allotment for the bundles and hopefully Alienware wasn’t as popular bc of the $100 extra, so fingers crossed it comes soon. Best Buy has the pre order saying 4/24 or 4/25 release but that may not be the actual ship date so I have no idea where I’m at in line. Yes, the cpu will actually be going where my xbox one was that I recently sold on eBay.

        This is the first generation of gaming/hardware that has me excited since the first Xbox or really the psone/n64 era. Since then I’ve been disengaged with the gaming industry bc it’s felt a bit on repeat minus the online multiplayer aspect. Really excited and appreciate sites like this with in depth coverage!

        • Haha ah man! Self-inflicted delay! If it’s anything like the PSVR, Best Buy had quoted a delivery date same as the release date. But, unfortunately, I think it’s probably a little bit different for these Oculus computer bundles. Although I see the same “this item ships on…” message on Amazon so who knows?

          The general consensus has been that you get to kind of “skip the line” of Rift customers currently backordered until July by ordering a bundle, so *hopefully* you’ll get it around the end of April.

          I’m right there with you RE: gaming. I’m not much of a gamer, but I can really see myself getting into it thanks to VR. The “Step Into the Rift” video that Oculus posted today really got me pumped about the quality and variety of experiences they’re releasing with.

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