I Am a Ginger and I Have No Soul

I’m going to be honest with you.

I have no idea what this site is going to turn into. I know I want to help people understand and relate to virtual reality, and since I truly believe it’s the future of entertainment, I want to make the barrier to entry as low as possible for the “Average Joe” or, at the very least, tech enthusiasts like me.

There’s nothing really special about me when it comes to virtual reality. As I write this, I haven’t even tried it for the first time (that will be recorded and published on the YouTube channel!). I’m not a developer or a journalist that’s received early access or checked it out at a tech conference. I’m just a guy that’s excited about virtual reality and knows how to record decent-looking videos.

I think virtual reality is the future of entertainment. I think it’s what will make television the equivalent of radio during my grandparents’ generation – the thing my kids someday look back and say, “You huddled around that thing for entertainment?”

But who knows? Only time will tell. Maybe I just spent $599+ on an Oculus Rift, $799+ on an HTC Vive, and $1700 on a gaming PC for the entire industry to flop.

But I’m REALLY excited to see how the whole thing plays out, and I want to do everything possible to help make virtual reality simple and easy to understand for everyone. Hopefully I can do it in a way that’s not incredibly boring, too. Wouldn’t that be a nice bonus?

Feel free to comment on any posts you see to open up a dialogue with me and the rest of the community, or drop me a direct message using my contact page.

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