Ginger vs. Oculus Rift: One Man, 30+ Hour Live Stream of 30 Games

Ever wanted to see a ginger play virtual reality games for 30+ hours without sleeping?

No you haven’t, but it’s happening anyways. As I promised on Reddit, I’m going to be putting on a 30-hour live stream with all 30 official Oculus launch titles. This is a sure-fire way for you all to figure out how boring I am, but oh well. I’ve committed to it now, so it’s happening whether we all like it or not.

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Tentative Date and Agenda

Start Time: April 16, 12:00 PM Noon CDT (UTC -5; click the link to see your local start time)
Live Stream Link:


Here is the official agenda:

#GingerVsRift Official 30+ Hour Live Stream Agenda


Basically, I’ve broken everything down into categories so that viewers most interested in a particular category can tune in for a few hours and then stop watching if that’s what they’d like to do. I’ll be taking official breaks every 5.5 hours to eat and take care of my dogs, but I’ll take little breaks here and there as necessary (bathroom, motion sickness relief, etc.).

What’s Happening Until Then?

Basically, I’m getting everything prepped to put on a great show.

I’m also waiting on some extra equipment to get the “war room” setup as well as I can for a high quality stream. I’ve already purchased all of the official Oculus launch titles:

All Oculus launch titles

And they’re downloaded to my PC, so at least I’m good to go there! For those of you that are curious, my total (after tax) was about $612 and all 30 official launch titles take up around 120GB on my SSD.

What Can We Expect?

Honestly guys, I’m not sure. As always, I promise to do my absolute best to find a balance between being entertaining and informative. I might get a little bit delirious around the 18-24 hour mark, but I’m going to do my damnedest to take as few breaks as possible.

Each gaming hour will be 45 minutes of gaming and 15 minutes of community discussion.

Overall, I expect this event to be pretty awesome. I’m going to do my absolute best to make it as fun as possible to watch, and I want people to walk away with a very solid idea of whether or not the game I’m playing is something they’re interested in. I’ll describe everything as I experience it in virtual reality, explain the sensations I’m having as they occur, and probably make a total ass of myself at least a dozen times.

Where Will It Be Streaming?

At the very least, I’m planning to stream via YouTube. I’m going to try and run a Twitch stream simultaneously, but of course that doubles my need for chat moderators and ultimately it may not be a reasonable goal.

To ensure you catch the live stream when it goes live, make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel so that you’re notified as soon as it’s officially scheduled, and again when it’s going live.

Are You Able to Help Out?

I think part of the “draw” to this kind of event is that it’s a one-man show. So all production, lighting, gaming, etc. will be handled by me personally. No relief for me there.

However, I really need some help with moderating the chatrooms on YouTube and Twitch. If you can step up to help out with that, even if it’s just a couple hours here and there, it would be incredibly helpful.

Questions or Requests?

Leave all of your questions and requests in the comments section below! I’ll do my best to incorporate as many reasonable requests as possible, and although I don’t really know what to expect, I hope you all find it extremely helpful and fun to watch!


  1. Bruh, see if you can do this one:

    So you can experience what a real office worker feels like. Wow. The possibilities of virtual reality! Now you can work in a virtual office! LOL


    • It really is a good game. So we’ve got a roomscale denier huh?

      • Hey Nir! Which game in particular is good? I’m looking forward to trying them all out, but I’m looking forward to the ones people have told me are great even more so.

        And if you’re talking about me, I’m not a room scale denier at all! I’ll be getting my Vive in a couple of weeks as well 🙂

    • I don’t think that is real office life, but I think the SASS was great!

  2. You totally broke YouTube with your 30 hour stream! The archive of the 30 hour part can only show the last 5 hours. It couldn’t handle the ginger. The Twitch archive has it though.

    • TIM!! Just sent you a FB request from my personal account – hope that’s not weird. I’d really like to connect personally with all of you hardcore guys that were with me through thick and thin there.

      I’m glad Twitch got it all! And I’m working on breaking the whole stream into easy-to-navigate hour-by-hour chunks and will be putting it into a YouTube playlist as soon as it’s done.

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