WankzVR Review: Bow Chicka *Fap* *Fap*

I’ve officially spent countless hours exploring my membership (a tough job, I know) and I hope you’ll find the experiences/insights I share in this WankzVR review helpful. If not, well… f**k it. At least I had a good excuse to watch a bunch of VR porn.

Without further ado, let’s take an unbiased look at Wankz.

WankzVR review featured imageWankzVR Review in <60 Seconds

There’s a highly detailed review below, but if you just want the takeaway points, here they are.

WankzVR is putting out some really high-quality stuff. There’s no denying that this is some professional grade VR porn. Almost all of their models are drop-dead gorgeous, they update 3x per week, and their members rating system makes it easy to find their best content easily.

WankzVR model in a pink swimsuit

WankzVR scored a 90/100. It’s a high score, but if you’re fairly new to VR porn and looking for a better value, I’d highly recommend checking out my Virtual Real Porn review. I personally think their membership is a much better value. Although they’re slightly more on the amateur side, they offer a lot of the same things that Wankz offers, but at a price that’s significantly easier to swallow.

Not interested in joining VRP, or are you already a member there but seeking more variety? Then I think WankzVR is definitely worth considering. I outline everything they bring to the table in the detailed review below.

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Amount of Content: 12/15

WankzVR doesn’t have quite as much content as you might expect. As I write this review, I have access to 54 videos in the members’ area. With Wankz adding new updates 3x per week, that’s expanding at a rate of 12 videos/month, so it’ll continue to grow at a pretty steady pace.

Although it’s not the most extensive library available, it’s still a lot of content, with enough new material every week to keep a reasonable person happy.

Frequency of Updates: 15/15

As mentioned above, WankzVR is currently adding new videos 3x per week. The vast majority of these videos are incredibly high quality with really, really hot models. So if you subscribe and find yourself counting down the days until the next video is released, it should be pretty rare that you find yourself disappointed and thinking, “I waited five days for that?!”

Another hot WankzVR model

Variety of Content: 16/20

This is the first category that WankzVR loses a few points, but don’t be too discouraged.

The majority of content in the WankzVR members’ area is couples sex. The models are different in every movie, so there’s still a lot of variety given that limitation. And of course there are semi-regular threesome scenes added to the members’ area as well (at least a couple per month).

But outside of that, there’s just not much variety. They do some fun themes that tie into current events, like superheroes when a big Marvel movie is released and “Strokemon Go”, but overall it’s just the same stuff over and over again with different models.

WankzVR's "Strokemon Go"

If you’re big into solo and/or lesbian scenes, that content is undoubtedly lacking right now. I personally don’t find that too big of a letdown, but I know it’s a big deal to a lot of people. So Wankz loses a handful of points here.

Quality of Content: 25/25

There’s no mistaking whether or not WankzVR is a professional studio. All of their movies are polished and nothing feels “amateur”. Their models are stunning and the quality of their movies is up there with the best in the industry.

WankzVR's "Swipe Right"

They’re also using VR technology well. Unique camera angles, binaural sound, and professional sets make for a high-quality, immersive experience. Nothing lacks in quality here.

If You Join WankzVR, Please Sign Up Using My Link!It doesn't cost you extra, but the small commissions keep me funded!

Attractiveness of Models: 22/25

It’s also clear that Wankz has the money to pay for some more “premier” models. As much as I like Virtual Real Porn and consider their membership an outstanding value, many of their models leave me saying, “Meh.” That’s definitely not the case for Wankz.

Yet another really hot WankzVR model

At least 80-90% of the videos in WankzVR’s members area tempt me to download and watch them, and that’s because their models are f**king hot. Although you may not see major pornstars like Naughty America and Badoink bring to the table, you’ll find some really hot models as a Wankz member.

Other Points Worth Noting

I think it’s important to note that, although Wankz is slightly more expensive than some of their competitors, that includes access to their entire network of sites (not just WankzVR). I know there’s a whole world of high-quality, free porn out there, but if you spring the extra ~30% for them over cheaper VR porn sites, you’re getting access to a whole lot more premium adult content.

Also, WankzVR has an awesome member’s rating system, which you can use to quickly find the highest-rated content.

WankzVR allows sorting by member rating

When some of these files take 20-45+ minutes to download, even on a 100mbps internet connection, knowing whether or not it’s worth my time prior to downloading is very helpful.

WankzVR Overall Score: 90/100

I really enjoyed the time I spent with WankzVR. They’re putting out some really high quality content and securing some ridiculously hot models.

But as of right now, I still think Virtual Real Porn is the better site to join. There’s a lot more content, significantly more variety, and a plethora of hot models to enjoy. And the membership rates are noticeably cheaper.

But if you’ve already checked out VRP and you’re looking for something of higher caliber, WankzVR is worth a look. Although they don’t offer a trial, $19.99 for a full month of access isn’t bad. And I don’t see any reasonable person paying that amount of money and being disappointed with what Wankz delivers.

Overall, it’s a fair value and a lot of great content. It’s not my favorite site, as they don’t have any really distinct quality in today’s VR porn market, but it’s definitely worth $19.99 every few months to get in there and download all of the movies you’re most interested in watching.

If You Join WankzVR, Please Sign Up Using My Link!It doesn't cost you extra, but the small commissions keep me funded!

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Is WankzVR your favorite VR porn site, and you feel like I’m missing something in this review? Or do you have specific questions about their content that I neglected to address above?

Leave it in a comment below! I use your feedback/questions to improve, and I usually reply within 24 hours.

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